About CUAI

Anyone can come along to any of our events.

There is no fee, no form or weird initiation ritual.

Every and any student is welcome to volunteer, attend an event, write a letter, to gather signatures for a petition…. to be a part of Cambridge Amnesty is simply to give a fig about human rights.  

To sign up to our mailing list, email

What we do

Thousands of people around the world are imprisoned for things that Cambridge students do all the time – expressing political opinions, criticizing the government, and exercising basic human rights like freedom of association. CUAI is a group of us who try to do something to stand up for people who are unjustly persecuted.

Amnesty International is the world’s largest human rights organisation and we campaign as part of that movement to promote human rights to members of Cambridge University and to end specific human rights abuses.

We write letters

Letter writing is our best opportunity to stop specific human rights abuses. We write a letter to someone in power on behalf of someone else. This could mean writing to a Minister of Justice to ask for the medical care or the release of a political prisoner. We also write letters of support to those who have been imprisoned. Details of all the cases we write for can be found on www.amnesty.org.uk/. Amnesty provides us with complete background on each case and the address of the person we need to write to.  The Cambridge Amnesty group will then provide you with a free airmail letter to use.

Most colleges have their own letter writing group supported by CUAI who write letters regularly to protect individuals around the world. Find your college rep and the next letter writing event on the ‘College Reps‘ page. If your college doesn’t have a rep, contact exec at cuamnesty.org.uk and we can let you know of nearby colleges with meetings you can attend, or support you if you want to start a letter writing group in your college.

We raise awareness

We do this by organising events which can range from film nights, debates, speaker events or even big rallies and protests. Campaigns are typically planned and run by the CUAI committee, which is made up of eight elected students. You can contact the exec with any ideas or questions at exec at amnesty.org.uk.

You are very welcome to come along to any of our events or to volunteer. Check out our calendar for up and coming events.You can also sign up to our mailing list by emailing us at from which you get a weekly bulletin on all our events and any urgent actions that could do with yuor help.

The next elections for the exec committee will be 3rd March 2010. These occur annually.

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