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What We Do

Speaker events
We invite a range of speakers from universities, units, museums and professional bodies to enlighten and enliven our Wednesday afternoons!
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Annual Field Club Feast, parties,
pub-crawls and formal halls
The theme of last year's Feast was Mayan archaeology, and last term's highlight was the R.E.N.F.R.E.W. pub-crawl - the beginning letter of each pub visited!
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Student-Led Archaeology Conference (SLAC)
Following on from 2002's Student-Lead Archaeology Group, in 2003 students from Bradford, Southampton, Bristol, Sheffield and Durham joined us to give short papers, join in lively discussion, and enjoy a meal in the evening.

Field trips
In the past three years we have visited Ireland, Scotland and Wales, before going on to the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) conference.
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