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Determined to strengthen our co-operation with like-minded students across Europe, willing to play a more active role in the European political debate, and eager to enrich the range of political, cultural and social activities we can offer to the members of the Cambridge University European Union Society (CUEUS), we, the CUEUS committee, have decided, in a meeting on 4 October 2001, to found AEGEE-Cambridge. Its first members shall be the current executive committee. We propose to the Society the following constitution for AEGEE-Cambridge:

I. Name
The name of the new section shall be "Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe - Cambridge".
The use of the name and logo of AEGEE is only permitted after the signing of the Convention d'Adhésion with AEGEE-Europe. This permission expires if the Convention d'Adhésion is terminated.

II. Aims
To support the aims and activities of the Cambridge University European Union Society (CUEUS), including the organisation of the annual Cambridge Model European Council (CMEC).
To participate, in the framework of the AEGEE network, in the decision-making process at the European level.
To promote European integration and cooperation among students.

III. Nature
AEGEE-Cambridge shall be a part of the Cambridge University European Union Society (CUEUS).
AEGEE-Cambridge activities shall always be understood and presented as activities of CUEUS.
AEGEE-Cambridge shall be non-profit making and politically independent.
AEGEE-Cambridge forms part of the European network of AEGEE and accepts the rules of AEGEE-Europe as binding for itself.
If the Convention d’Adhésion is terminated, AEGEE-Cambridge will dissolve, and its funds be transferred to CUEUS.

IV. Membership
All persons under the age of 35 have the right to become members of AEGEE-Cambridge on payment of a membership fee as required by AEGEE-Europe. A part of this membership fee will be transferred to AEGEE-Europe according to its rules.
All members of AEGEE-Cambridge have the right to participate in the activities organised by the AEGEE local and by AEGEE-Europe without discrimination.

V. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of at least:
  1. a President
  2. a Secretary
  3. a Junior Treasurer

VI. Senior Treasurer
The Senior Treasurer shall be the Senior Treasurer of CUEUS.
The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any debt of other obligation of the Society except where he/she has personally authorised it in writing.