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Welcome to AEGEE-Cambridge!

AEGEE is a student organisation that promotes the idea of a unified Europe. It is a non-governmental, politically independent and non-profit organisation open to students of all faculties.

AEGEE activities support European integration, not only in theory but also in practice. This is done through projects such as Summer Universities held each year by a large number of AEGEE locals. Thus AEGEE members can share their knowledge on their language and culture with fellow students.

AEGEE organises large-scale projects that reflect its four main fields of action:
  • Higher Education
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Active Citizenship
  • Peace and Stability
The lack of national level makes AEGEE truly European. The association relies solely on its local groups (called 'antennae'), present in university cities all across Europe. Their activities are coordinated by the European Board (Comité Directeur). AEGEE gathers together motivated people who believe in and stand for its central goals. In short, European-minded students find in AEGEE a proper environment in which to act for Europe.

The current AEGEE-Cambridge Officer is Emilie Yerby. Feel free to email her at eay23<at> for more information about AEGEE-Cambridge and current events.