Aims and scope

Journal of Cambridge studies (JCS) covers but is not limited by the following research areas:

•  Education policy

•  Education management

•  Curriculum design and reform

•  Teacher's professional development

•  Second language education

•  Other educational research with interdisciplinary nature

Beginning as a solely educational oriented journal, JCS is an intellectual periodical, which is rapidly expanding into other disciplines. We encourage articles from areas, such as law, economics, management studies and other subjects in social science.

•  Law

•  Economics

•  Management studies

•  Other social sciences

If you are not entirely sure whether your article is suitable for JCS, you can direct your inquires with our managing editors:


  Manuscript Guidelines

Journal of Cambridge Studies accepts manuscripts submission all year round. If your paper is accepted, it will be arranged to appear in the next round print issue (see our publication fee policy). To facilitate quick publications, authors are advised to format their manuscripts according to the requirements outlined in this section. Manuscripts which are badly formatted with no consideration for the outlined guidelines might be rejected for reviewing.

General Guidelines for Manuscripts

•  Language : English.

•  Title should be descriptive and informative to the subject yet concise (no more than 30 words)

•  A list of authors' name(s) to be indicated below the paper title, with full author details given, e.g. title(s), affiliation(s), and address including email addresses.

•  Abstract , with a word limit of 350 words, should occupy the first page with key words given below the abstract text.

•  Body text should start from the second page

•  Page margin : (top: 2.54cm , bottom: 2.54cm , left: 3.17cm , right: 3.17cm )

•  Body text setting : 12px, Times New Roman , single column, single line spacing

•  Headings : Main Headings with Roman numerals ( I. , II., ...) and in CAPITALS; Sub-headings with Arabic numerals (1., 2., ...) and in italics

•  Figures and tables , with captions, should be listed at the end of the body text in the order of their appearance in the body text

•  Expressions foreign to the language of the article should be in italics.

•  Equations to be numbered on the right-hand side, near the margin, (1), (2), etc.

•  Footnote numbers should follow on throughout the manuscript. They should be indicated in the text: xxx¹, and enumerated thus: 1. xxx.

•  Maximum length : 6 pages (including figures and references).

•  References should follow the body text and should be limited to a number of 20

•  Books : Baumol, William J. and Wallace E. Oates. The Theory of Environmental Policy. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press (1988).
•  Articles : Weitzman, Martin L. Prices vs. Quantities, Review of Economic Studies. 41: 477-499, (1974).
•  Articles from Books : Borcherding, Thomas E., Werner W. Pommerehne and Friedrich F. Schneider. Comparing the Efficiency of Private and Public Production, in: Samuel H. Baker and Catherine S. Elliot (eds.), Readings in Public Sector Economics. Lexington ( Mass. ): D.C. Heath and Company: 397-413, (1990).
•  Reference in the text : Downs (1987, p. 123) states '...' (Single quotation marks).

In addition to the above general guidelines, the editorial team recommend as few abbreviations as possible in the manuscript. Please also make sure you check all citation information carefully before submission. The editorial staff will not be held responsible for inaccuracy of the bibliographical references.

A manuscript template detailing all format requirements can be found here template.pdf  or  template.doc .


  Electronic submission

Journal of Cambridge Studies no longer accepts hardcopy manuscript submission from 2008. All submissions should be directed to the journal editorial team via email.

Please send your manuscript in Microsft Word format (as an attachement) to with "manuscript submission" in the subject line. Normally one of our editors will get in touch with you within five working days.

If you have any query about the submission, please contact the managing editors directly


  Publication fee

To reach a wider readership and promote quicker publication, starting from 2008, Journal of Cambridge Studies has been providing online access to all our archive issues free of charge. Please be advised that charges will still apply for the conventional hardcopy subscription. For contributing authors, there is no publication fee. However standard fee will apply if the author requests the hardcopy of the issue containing their articles. This fee is due to increased editorial expenses and also it is intended to continuously improve the quality of our publication as well as to enrich the readership experiences.

The subscription fee for JCS is as follows:

  Single issue One-year subscription
JCS 2009 £30 £80
JCS 2006-2008 £30 £50

You can pay your subscription fee or "hardcopy request" fee (for contributing authors) by one of the following methods:


Cheque payments must be in GBP (pounds sterling) and drawn on a UK bank. We regret that we are unable to accept cheque payments in any other currency. Please make your cheque payable to "The Association of Cambridge Studies" and send it to the following address:

Ms. Q. LIU
St Johns College
St Johns Street

•  Online Bank Transfer

You can also make payments direct to our bank account through online banking.

Account name: The Association of Cambridge Studies
Account Number: 72731819
Sort Code: 40 - 16 - 08
NB: Please note your name in the 'description' entry of the transaction.


You can make a payment from overseas using the following details:

Bank Name: HSBC
Branch address: PO Box 85, City Office, Cambridge, CB2 3 HZ
Swift Code: MIDLGB2103J
IBAN No: GB46MIDL40160872731819
Account Name: The Association of Cambridge Studies
Sort Code: 40 - 16 - 08
Account Number: 72731819

If you have paid using either of the above mentioned methods, please inform Ms. Qianqian Liu ( of the date when payment is dated. We will send you a confirmation of receipt of publication fee as soon as possible.


  Reviewing policy

Journal of Cambridge studies maintains a competitive pool of experts in the fields of education, development studies, policy & strategies research and other related social sciences.
For all manuscript submissions, we will designate at least one senior editor (with professorship) to review your research. In addition, a junior editor (normally Ph.d students in their final year with closely-related subject) may be allocated to assist in the process of manuscript corrections.
The final decision will be made by the editorial committee on the basis of the recommendations of the reviewing senior editor. Wherever possible, we will draw on anonymous reviewers frow JCS's external academic networks.


  Citation information

The proper way of citing papers from this Journal is given below.

Xiaoyang Wang, Fazal Rizvi, "WTO/GATS and Issues of Trade and Cooperation in Chinese Higher Education.", Journal of Cambridge Studies vol.1, no.1, p.3-13, 2006.

In places where the short form of the journal title is needed for brevity, please use J. of Cam. Stud.


  Journal ISSN

Jounal of Cambridge Studies is a formal international publication affiliated with the Association of Cambridge Studies, an academic society registered at the University of Cambridge. The journal was officially registered in 2005 while the first published issue started from 2006. The abbreviated title of Journal of Cambridge Studies is 'JCS'. The jounal's ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) information can be found below.

Print ISSN : 1747-5384
Online ISSN : 1747-5392.