What Exactly Are Ecological Problems?
- On Ecological Crisis View of Giddens

Authors: Yu, Xiaofeng1,Xu, Liping2

Affiliation: 1Institute of Public Governance, and director of Research Center of Non-traditional Security and Peaceful Development, both in Zhejiang University
         2Education School of Zhejiang University

Abstract: From a multidiscipline perspective concerning politics, sociology, ethnics, economics, biology, technology, and in particular, modernity and micro politics, Giddense gives a comprehensive diagnosis of ecological problems. According to him, ecological problem is about how mankind lives in modern society; in the final analysis, it is a moral and political crisis caused by the mode of thinking and practicing of modern enlightenment. The final solution lies in the rebuild of moralization and realization politics of life.

Key words: Ecological problem; production relations; moralization.

Page : 33-38    Vol.3, No. 2, 2008