A Critical Realism Approach: Seeking Mechanisms of the Global World and the Educational Aid

Authors: Yuan, Tingting

Affiliation: Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, BS8 1JA, UK

Abstract: The philosophical foundation of critical realism helps us seek the inner structure of the reality and find out our misleading knowledge, especially meaningful under the complex global context. Educational aid in the globalisation process is related with multi-causal explanations. Education is explained by the different ways within the different mechanisms, as a development of knowledgeable individual and modern society, or as a section of western-oriented global market, or as an important part of the South-South cooperation in political economic process. The Chinese model to Africa gives contemporary world a new perspective to think about the meaning of aid.

Key words: Critical realism, mechanism, global era, educational aid.

Page : 1-8    Vol.3, No. 2, 2008