Green Justice: Dimensions of ”°Species Value”± of Ecological Civilization

Authors: Yu, Xiaofeng 1 and Wang, Jiangli2

Affiliation: 1 Professor and doctorial tutor at Institute of Public Governance, and director of Research Center of Non-traditional Security and Peaceful Development, both in Zhejiang University.2Lecturer at Institute of Media and International Culture, doctorial student of politics

Abstract: Ecological civilization is a mode of civilization that seeks for green justice. The value orientation of green justice goes beyond the previous living communities which take a nation as a unit, and what it represents are ӡSpecies valueӱ and ӡglobal security communityӱ as the living concepts of human race as a whole. Through the principle of equality and the principle of responsibility, what green justice has called for are not only a community of laws with legitimate justice and orders, but also a political, economic and moral community of ecoethical consensus. Green justice might confront an existing dilemma between security and development as well as between one nationӮs development and global security, but through the promotion and practices of ӡgreen politicsӱ, ӡgreen economyӱ and ӡgreen lifeӱ, still it is possible to push forward global green governance that is mainly intended for green justice.

Key words: Ecological civilization, green justice, and global green governance.

Page : 47-55    Vol.3, No. 1, 2008