An Overview of China's Environmental Governance Problems

Authors: Chang, Yen-Chiang1 and Wang, Nannan2

Affiliation: 1 Marine Institute, University of Plymouth, correspondence: Marine Institute, University of Plymouth, A403 Portland Square, Plymouth, Devon, UK, PL4 8AA.2 EC Harris LLP, 34 York Way, London, N1 9AB

Abstract: The rapid economic growth in China has lead to environmental problems, with both internal and external factors being involved. Internally, China has less strict environmental law and policy in comparison with developed countries and externally, the massive amount of foreign direct investment increasingly entering China due to the cheap labour and resources is bringing unwelcome attendant problems. To stop the poisoning of China, internally, the Chinese Government needs to change its attitude in terms of following the rule of law, public involvement and transparency within the environmental decision-making processes. In terms of the external factors, there is a need to ban exporting waste and low efficiency coal electricity generation techniques transport to developing countries. Developing renewable energy, however, is the only option which can ultimately lead to the objective of sustainable development.

Key words: Sustainable development, rule of law, public involvement, transparency, energy efficiency.

Page : 43-46     Vol.3, No. 1, 2008