The Nature of Perlocution

Authors: Liu, Fengguang 1 2

Affiliation: 1 Visiting scholar (2007-2008) Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics, 9 West Road, University of Cambridge, CB3 9DP, UK 2 Department of English, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Liaoning, 116001, P. R. China

Abstract: The perlocutionary act of Austins trichotomy on speech acts is significantly crucial to the understanding of communication, but has attracted the least attention ever since its formulation. This paper reviews its studies in the past and discusses the nature of perlocution within the framework of pragmatics. A proper understanding of perlocution will provide a fresh linguistic approach for literary criticism and will in turn shed light on the teaching of literature.

Key words: perlocution, nature, transaction.

Page : 24-30     Vol.3, No. 1, 2008