An Aesthetic Contemplation on College Students' Ideological and Political Education

Authors: Tian, Hua1 and Qian, Changzhao2

Affiliation: 1 Assistant professor, School of political scienceeducation, Sichuan Normal University, China2 Doctor candidate, School of Political Science Public Management Wuhan University, China

Abstract: Nowadays ideological and political education of college students confronts severe challenges. To solve the problem, we attempt to conform to the aesthetic principles: unification of cognition, sentiment and will; unification of truth, virtue and beauty; unification of moral and aesthetic education. We try to focus on the principle of democracy and equality, strengthen the interaction of the main body and the object, realizing the beautification of educational formally. We need to reinforce the building of the contingent of teachers, exerting the beautification of the main body visually. We shall observe the visualized characteristics of the carrier, achieving the beautification of moral education in action. And we will enhance the cultural construction on campus, actualizing the beautification of campus in environment. Above all, to achieve the harmonious unification by means of using the beauty to enlighten the truth, and using the beauty to assist morality is our common aspiration.

Key words: Ideological and political education, college students, aesthetic contemplation

Page : 19-23     Vol.3, No. 1, 2008