Managing and Using Information System in a Chinese Teaching-led University in the Transition from Elite to Mass Higher Education

Authors: Fuqiang Zhou

Affiliation: Ph.D. in Institute of Economics of Education, Peking University.
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Abstract: Management of information systems in Chinese higher education context is under-researched. This paper provides the background of Chinese universities in transition from elite to mass higher education and a review and interpretation of literature on MIS and MIS integrating in higher education context. It emphasizes the application of the information systems strategy triangle in higher education institutions. It aims to explore management of information system supporting management and strategic decision making in universities. Research results indicate that managing and using information systems in Chinese university are technology-focused and at preliminary stage. There are real deficiencies in the realization of the case universitys information strategy. Based on the interpretation of the literature and the analysis of the situation of the case university, the author suggests that only based upon a much fuller and more precise understanding of the complex and multi-faceted needs of all users in all functional areas of the university, can information systems be developed which are truly responsive and which function to meet overall university objectives. The author also suggests that there is little room for complacency about current information strategy in Chinese higher education institutions, if the case university may be regarded as not unique.

Key words: managing systems; information systems; elite education; mass higher education

Page : 16-24    Vol.2, No. 2, 2007