On Cultivate of Learnersí» Short-Term Memory Competence in College English Listening Instruction

Authors: Yusheng Li

Affiliation: postgraduate of China West Normal University, 637002.
Affilication Email: dean1981@126.com

Abstract: As the research of cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics develops in great width and depth, short-term memory is supposed to have played an increasingly vital role in the course of English listening comprehension; meanwhile, research findings show that short-term memory affects learnersí» listening comprehension to considerable extent. By means of literature review, this paper briefly introduces short-term memory theory, and on the basis of other scholarsí» research in this field, the author puts forward some suggestions on how to improve college English learnersí» short-term memory competence in the college English listening instruction.

Key words: short-term memory; listening instruction; college English

Page : 43-47    Vol.2, No. 1, 2007