Courageous Innovation and Adherence to the Trinity of Teaching, Scientific Research and Service an Inspiration from Successful University Management in China and Foreign Countries

Authors: Jie Xu

Affiliation: PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor in the Department of International Education in NAEA

Abstract: There are two good examples in university management: the University of Warwick in Britain and Linyi Normal University in China. This article simply analyzes the way of working in the two colleges, including the principles and positioning in running a school, the properties and frameworks of organization and the working mechanisms and administration, to find out the commonness of successful dealing in university. That is innovation with courage and adherence to the trinity of teaching, scientific research and service.

Key words: University management, University of Warwick, Linyi Normal University, Innovation

Page : 27-35    Vol.2, No. 1, 2007