Effective Feedback Between Instructors and Learners in College ELT in China

Authors: Xiaoqiang Wang

Affiliation: lecturer of Foreign Language Studies Department, Binzhou University, China.
Affilication Email: wangxiaoqiangbz@sohu.com

Abstract: In this article, the author first describes the background of college ELT in China these years and points out the main problem of it is that the lack of effective feedback between instructors and learners. Then the author explores the possible reasons and offers some effective approaches from instructors asking learners for it, giving it back to learners and instant feedback in classroom. At last, the author highlights the necessity for further research in the field.

Key words: English Language Teaching(ELT); feedback; higher education; instructor; learner

Page : 42-46    Vol.1, No. 2, 2006