Autonomy in Language Learning and the Language Centre of the University of Cambridge

Authors: Ying Li

Affiliation: Department of Education, University of Cambridge
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Abstract: The University of Cambridge is such an international university that all the students are from all over the world with hundreds of different languages. Some of the students might need to improve their English level to cater for their studying and living in this country. Some other students may be in need of learning some other languages for various reasons. The Language Centre was set up to support all the students of the University. But it is not only a teaching centre to teach languages by language teachers. It is rather a learning centre to encourage autonomy in language learning.

This paper discusses the concept of autonomy in language learning, followed by a brief introduction of the Language Centre of the University of Cambridge.

Key words: autonomy; language centre of the University of Cambridge; evaluation criteria

Page : 29-34    Vol.1, No. 2, 2006