Lessons Chinese Universities might learn from UK Mass Higher Education in Their Transition from Elite to Mass System of Higher Education

Authors: Fuqiang Zhou

Affiliation: School of English Education, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies( China); School of Education and Continuing Study, University of Portsmouth( UK).
Affilication Email: zhoufuqiang@hotmail.com

Abstract: This article focuses on some key themes and issues recurrent in UK higher education in the last two decades so that Chinese universities might get some experiences from UK mass higher education. It examines managing change, managerialism, government control, and studentsí» position, teachersí» response toward the change, knowledge transfer and internationalization in UK higher education respectively. The author also briefly presents the present characteristics of Chinese higher education. The concluding thought is that to achieve successful transformation from elite to mass system of higher education, Chinese universities can benefit a lot from UK mass higher education with emphasizing Chinese characteristics.

Key words: mass higher education; elite education; Chinese universities

Page : 2-10    Vol.1, No. 2, 2006