A Brief Analysis on Features of Integration Development of Hong Kongs Higher Education

Authors: Mingfu Wang1, Zhaolin Jiang2

Affiliation: (1) Ming fu Wang, Senior researcher, works in Linyi Normal University, 276005.Email: zzb@lytu.edu.cn
Affilication (2) Zhao lin Jiang, works in Linyi Normal University, 276005. Email:wsc@lytu.edu.cn

Abstract: The paper analyzes the higher education in Hong Kong, which is greatly influenced by Great Britain because of a long period of colony and its first university being established according to the British model. After the Second World War, Hong Kongs higher education went through the first development peak in the fifties and sixties and the second one from the mid eighties to the present day. Especially in the features are obvious. Studying the phenomenon is of great significance, not only to the research of the British model of higher education but also to the development of education in the Asian-Pacific area and rest of the world.

Key words: Hong Kong; higher education; integration development; UGC

Page : 39-43    Vol.1, No. 1, 2006