Higher Education in the Netherlands

Authors: Yunzhu Jin


Abstract: There are some particular features of higher education in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has had an attitude of openness towards the rest of the world, not only in business, but also in social life and culture. The Netherlands is a place where knowledge, skills, ideas and cultures from all over Europe come together. The Netherlands is non-English-speaking country, but most people can use English fluently. In the Netherlands, There are now 1000 study programs and courses conducted entirely in English, so students have a wide choice. The Netherlands is now attracting more and more foreign students. There are three basic higher education styles in the Netherlands. How to understand the features of Dutch higher education system, the general situation of the Netherlands higher education and different degrees are the topics will be introduced in this article.

Key words: Netherlands; Higher education style; Higher education features

Page : 31-33    Vol.1, No. 1, 2006