An International Comparative Study in the Relationship Between Academic Research and Teaching

Authors: Tongwen Xu

Affiliation: visiting scholar in the Oriental Department of Cambridge University.
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Abstract: In the development of tertiary education, an important issue regarding the function, construction and development of a university is how to deal with the relationship between academic research and teaching. Academic research and teaching combine together on the basis of training creative advanced vocational talents. The two parts are interactive. However, the two parts do not always sit together positively. There are illnesses focusing on teaching but despising academic research among the modern universities. The author has been a visiting scholar in the University of Cambridge and has also been to Columbia University in USA and some universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan on a systematic study tour. Therefore, the author is in a good position to carry out an international comparative research between academic research and teaching from an international perspective.

Key words: academic research; international comparative study; tertiary education

Page : 15-19    Vol.1, No. 1, 2006