2006--Volume 1

Volume 1 No. 1 (2006)

Table of Contents  
Vol.1-No.1,  full Text(pdf)
Cambridge Celebrity Prof. Stephen William Hawking
P. 1-2,    full Text(pdf)
X. Wang, F. Rizvi
WTO/GATS and Issues of Trade and Cooperation in Chinese Higher Education
P. 3-14,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
T. Xu
An International Comparative Study in the Relationship Between Academic Research and Teaching
P. 15-19,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
M. K. Xu
An analysis of Higher Education Expansion and Financing in China from 1996 to 2002
P. 21-27,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
A.Butchka,U. Naumova
Fine Arts Higher Education in Russian Federation
P. 28-30,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Y. Jin
Higher Education in the Netherlands
P. 31-33,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
D. Zhao
On the Role Orientation of China's Higher Education
P. 34-38,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
M. Wang, Z. Jiang
A Brief Analysis on Features of Integration Development of Hong Kong's Higher Education
P. 39-43,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
C. Shao
Raising Intercultural Awareness in Preparation for Teaching English in China
P. 44-48,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
S. Wang
Fundamental Study of Nobel Prize Winners at Cambridge University
P. 49-52,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Cambridge Colleges King's College
P. 53-54,    full Text(pdf)


Volume 1 No. 2 (2006)

Table of Contents  
Vol.1-No.1,  full Text(pdf)
Cambridge Celebrity Newton, Sir Isaac
P. 1,    full Text(pdf)
F. Zhou
Lessons Chinese Universities might learn from UK Mass Higher Education in Their Transition from Elite to Mass System of Higher Education
P. 2-10,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Z. Feng
Preliminary Research into the Supervisor System of Cambridge University
P. 11-15,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
G. Zhang, Y. Shi
The President Should Pay Much Attention to the Completion of Personality Glamour
P. 16-18,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
J. Zhou, K. He
Building Creative Ability in Cambridge Culture
P. 19-23,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
J. Liu
Experience and Enlightenment
Cambridge Science Park - A Model of University Science Park
P. 24-28,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Y. Li
Autonomy in Language Learning and the Language Centre of the University of Cambridge
P. 29-34,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Y. Wang, S. Luan
From University Town of Shenzhen to Multi-district Education and University Development
P. 35-38,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
A. Guo
The Prospect of CET in China
P. 39-41,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
X. Wang
Effective Feedback Between Instructors and Learners in College ELT in China
P. 42-46,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Q. Liu
On the Chinese Education of Art Design and the Building of Humanism Spirit
P. 47-51,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Cambridge Colleges Queen's College Cambridge
P. 52-53,    full Text(pdf)


2007--Volume 2

Volume 2 No. 1 (2007)

Table of Contents  
Vol.2-No.1,  full Text(pdf)
Cambridge Celebrity Francis Bacon
P. 1-4,    full Text(pdf)
H. C. Lee
Forensic Science Education in United States
P. 5-9,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
J. Selman
Some Basic Management Suggestions for Mid-Managers
P. 10-15,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
I. S. Lee
University Management in the 21st Century ---Managing Humanity
P. 16-20,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
B. Lee
The Fairness and Efficiency of the Higher Education
P. 22-26,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
J. Xu
Courageous Innovation and Adherence to the Trinity of Teaching, Scientific Research and Services: an Inspiration from Successful University Management in China and Foreign Countries
P. 27-35,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
H. Sun
Reflections and Suggestions on the Development of ESP Teaching in China
P. 36-42,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Y. Li
On Cultivation of Learners' Short-Term Memory Competence in College English Listening Instruction
P. 43-47,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Z. Jiang
Reflection on Language and First Language Acquisition
P. 48-51,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Cambridge Colleges Trinity College
P. 52-53,    full Text(pdf)


Volume 2 No. 2 (2007)

Table of Contents  
Vol.2-No.2,  full Text(pdf)
Cambridge Celebrity James Clark Maxwell
P. 1-4,    full Text(pdf)
J. Selman
Listening in Communications and Time --- Friends or Enemies of Leaders
P. 5-8,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
R. Vickers
An Introduction to William Carey University
P. 9-13,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
T. Moon
Bureaucracy in University Management
P. 14-15,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
F. Zhou
Managing and Using Information System in a Chinese Teaching-led University in the Transition from Elite to Mass Higher Education
P. 16-24,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Y. Chen
Confucianism versus Constitutionalism
P. 25-33,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
D. Xing
Error Analysis in China English Language Teaching
P. 34-36,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
B. Zhang
Vacillating between explicitness and the ambiguity
P. 37-40,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
T. Ma
Comment on the Relationship between Scientific Education and Artistic Education
P. 41-45,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Y. Li and S. Ren
Comprehension of Globalization and Contemporary Fine Arts in China
P. 46-48,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
T. Sun
The Artistic Education in Chinese Universities
P. 49-52,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)


2008--Volume 3

Volume 3 No. 1 (2008)

Table of Contents  
Vol.3-No.1,  Contents(pdf)
JCS Express
St Johns College, highlights of this issue
   Express Sheet (Chinese) (pdf)
Y. Fang et al.
An Investigation into the Contemporary Design, Subject Assessment and Technical Support in Teaching the University Oral Interpretation Course for English Majors in China
P. 1-5,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Q. Cai
The Scientific Inquiry in the Standard of the Primary Science Curriculum in China – the Intended and the Reality
P. 6-12,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Y. Liu
Learning as Boundary-Crossing in a University Department as Teachers’ Workplace
P. 13-18,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
H. Tian et al.
An Aesthetic Contemplation on College Students' Ideological and Political Education
P. 19-23,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
F. Liu
The Nature of Perlocution
P. 24-30,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
H. Wang
Analysis of the European Cultural Identity through EU Cultural Policy
P. 31-35,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
X. Song
What is governance? Has the governance concept added to our understanding of Chinese public administration?
P. 36-42,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Y -C. Chang et al.
An Overview of China's Environmental Governance Problems
P. 43-46,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
X. Yu et al.
Green Justice: Dimensions of “Species Value” of Ecological Civilization
P. 47-55,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)


Current Issue

Volume 3 No. 2 (2008)

Table of Contents  
Vol.3-No.2,  Contents(pdf)
JCS Express
St Johns College, highlights of this issue
   Express Sheet (Chinese) (pdf)
T. Yuan
A Critical Realism Approach: Seeking Mechanisms of the Global World and the Educational Aid 
P. 1-8   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
G. Li
On Translator’s Cultural Orientation — A Comparative Study of the Translation of Hong Lou Meng
P. 9-12,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
L. Li et al.
The Impact of Retrenchment and Reemployment Project on the Returns to Education of Laid-off Workers
P. 13-19,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
Y. Wang et al.
A Research Report on English Training Industry in China: from the perspective of its teaching faculty
P. 20-24,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
H. Li
The Role of L1 Use in L2 Writing Processes by Chinese EFL Students: Six Cases of Non-English Majors
P. 25-28,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
H. Li

Logical Thinking and Critical Understanding in Translation

P. 29-32,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
X. Yu et al.
What Exactly Are Ecological Problems?
           On Ecological Crisis View of Giddens
P. 33-38,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)
L. Lin
Convergence and its Regulation, Social and Policy Implications
P. 39-43,   Abstract (HTML)    full Text(pdf)