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The Student-Run Computing Facility (SRCF) exists as a university society to provide useful, flexible computing and network services for University of Cambridge Staff and Students of all degrees of ability.

Individuals can become SRCF Members using our Membership Application form and groups can apply for a 'society' account.

If you need to get in touch with us about anything, please see our contact addresses.

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Scheduled vulnerable period

To aid in security procedures, the SRCF has a potentially vulnerable period Sundays 2am to 3am. During this time the sysadmins may reboot the server without much prior warning.

Donate to the SRCF

The SRCF is funded largely by donations from its users, for which we are very grateful. The usual methods of donation are by cheque or PayPal: find out how to donate.

Message of the day

34) 01.05.2017 From 1pm today, we'll be migrating Apache and PostgreSQL from
               pip (the main shell server) to sinkhole (a new web server,
               running Ubuntu 16.04).  The move means a version bump on most
               software -- Apache 2.4, PHP 7, Postgres 9.5 -- so please take a
               moment to ensure any websites and software are still working.